Our Vision

Our vision at Castle Hill Music Centre is to develop a students skills to enable them to enjoy their musical experience. For those wishing to pursue a professional career either teaching or performing, we have the experise borne out of  forty six years in the music business.
Principal Donald Shields has vast experience both here and overseas as a performer and music educator.  He and his staff will help you to reach your full potential as a musician.


Castle Hill Music Centre operates on a term basis similar to the public/private school year. Lessons are conducted on an individual basis.
Our teachers are well qualified and have been selected by our principal. Teachers are choosen for their qualifications, technique, ability to communicate , passion for their craft and must be undergoing advanced studies. Teachers are expected to be an excellent role model for our younger students.

Our History

CASTLE HILL MUSIC CENTRE was founded by Donald and Frances Shields in 1972. Initially a retail store selling vinyl records and musical instruments. The focus slowly turned to tuition. From a small rented house in Castle Hill to the present location in Castle Mall Arcade. This convienient location offers nine studios, a comfortable waiting area, and space to rehearse our big band and concert ensemble.


Is to fulfil our students dreams and aspirations by offering practical tuition regardless of their age or ability.

Castle Hill Music

We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar,

saxophone, trumpet and other instruments




Music Lessons