Our school conducts individual trumpet lessons. Students are taught the skills required to develop a good embrouchure, articulation of notes, sight reading, intonation, and breathing technique. Once the basics are mastered the student will commence working on scales and arpeggios, intervals and ear training. The next stage will be either to study for AMEB exams of join the music school’s jazz band. Jazz improvisation lessons are also avaiable.


We have a reputation for turning out fine brass players. Our specialist trombone tutor has been selected by principal Don Shields for his expertise on this instrument. Your trombone teacher will teach the basics such as breathing technique, posture and embrouchure development. Next will follow scales, arpeggios, sight reading and intonation.
With your help we can turn you into a very competent trombone player.

You may like to enrol in our band course. This course is designed to give the music student the skills and confidence required to play in an ensemble.

Euphonium / Tuba

Finding the perfect teacher for tuba lessons in Hill distract area is easy at Castle Hill Music. Our professional and friendly instructors teach beginning music lessons to advanced music study. Styles of study can include classical or jazz.