Our guitar tutors will pass onto you the skills and techniques that will equip you to master all styles of music. They will pass on skills that have taken them years to perfect. Do you want to learn these techniques.... tapping, pull off, slide, hammer on, palm mute, vibrato, Bend release, natural harmonic, pinch harmonic?
Castle Hill Music School can teach you these techniques. You want to learn how to improvise? We have a rich history of teaching improvisation and a solid jazz background. Run by musicians for musicians.
Don Shields staff are selected for their musical knowledge and ability to communicate this to their students. Children, adults, beginners and advanced students all for the same low fee of $35 per hal;f hour lesson.
Don’t have a guitar? We carry a range of affordable instruments.


We offers professional electric bass lessons for beginners and advanced students. We teach both TAB and notation reading. We will unlock the secrets of the fretboard to enable you to groove with the best.
Jam with your friends create your own bass riffs, improvise with confidence. Learning walking over any types of songs with the necessary theory knowledge. Work out songs from a recording, bring your iPod and learn your favourite songs, develop aural skills, sit grades that give the student qualifications on the instrument. All different styles that include slapping, popping, fingering, and two hand tapping. In depth understanding of the instrument, music and musical techniques.
When you’ve mastered the basics of bass playing we will introduce you to our “Contemporary Rock” course.
This course will all give you the opportunity to play with other musicians. How to jam. Write songs. How to put together a tight rhythm section. Learn to play a diverse range of styles. Jazz, rock, latin, metal, hip hop, reggae and blues.


Welcome to playing the ukulele. An instrument that is enjoying immense popularity in recent years. Easy to play, learn and very affordable. We can teach you simple tunes in a matter of weeks. Our quality private lessons will have you playing like a pro. in no time. Enquire now for availability.