Whether you are an aspiring concert pianist or just want to play for fun, we have the right teaching program to achieve your goals. Our school is committed to providing quality piano tuition to all ages and abilities. Our tutors will teach the basics to beginners to ensure they realise their full potential as a pianist.
Learning the piano is the basis for mastering most musical instruments. The piano will give you an awareness and understanding of pitch, rhythm, articulation and reading in both treble and bass cleffs and note values.

At Castle Hill Music Centre we will teach the finer points of piano playing including articulation. The various ways to play a note on the piano are called articulations. If you play piano without articulation you will quickly loose the interest of your audience. Use articulations to keep your piano playing interesting. Posture, scales, aural training, intervals, sight reading, triads, modes, and tritone substitution. These are but a few of the piano skills we will teach you. All our teachers are passionate about music and most are involved in playing professionally.

Students can be prepared for AMEB/ Trinity exams, eisteddfods and competitions. Piano students will be introduced to a repitoire according to their standard and interest.
We have helped hundreds of piano students develop solid performance skills and improve their music theory.
We offer high-quality piano tuition from our school at Castle Hill. Our tutors provide quality tution for students coming from all over the Hills area.

Drum and Percussion

We have the best drum tuition team in the area. Tutors are “working” musicians and ensure you get the basics right before moving on to complex rhythms. Yes we teach technique but we also teach our students to read drum music. We want them to be able play rock, heavy metal and jazz but also have the skills to be a successful “session” drummer.
Speed, power, control, endurance and dynamics. These are the skills we will teach you. Hand and foot coordination, single stroke roll, rim shots, parradidles, syncopation and many other techniques will be taught.
We also conducts percussion lessons. If you are an orchestral or concert band player we have a percussion tutor. We also do latin drums and percussion.